Waterfall Restaurant

I love the concept of Villa Escudero’s Waterfall Restaurant. Sometimes I think too much, I saw this live video of the restaurant:

Then I remembered, I’m probably biased since I visited the PI during typhoon season, this is like dining in a flood, having to push the car home and forgetting what I’m trudging half my body in. But once I look past that, I want to go! Great getaway place and besides it’s in the Philippines! Why not? Seriously, everyone needs to visit Philippines at least once.


Day Twenty

I lack formal training for this position.

The interview was very enjoyable. I’m comfortable to say English is my first language. I think, speak and dream in it.

When I first walked in, everyone was speaking Chinese. I’m not sure what I  was expecting…it smelled and sounded like one of those Chinese walk-in clinics my parents used to take me as a child. As a Chinese person, most Asians( the Chinese included) will not always guess I am Chinese; That either works for or against them. Just cause I do not look Chinese enough for you does not mean I can’t comprehend the shit you’re talking about me. Anyway, doesn’t matter

I just (hopefully successfully) completed my first Chinese-English interview. Although I kept feeling disheartened when she mentioned that I seem too outgoing for the job. She kept telling me this job is boring. Two weeks ago I would have given you the vacant sales position if you applied. This job is really boring (confirmed in both Cantonese and English.) The more I tried to reassure her that I enjoy paperwork and crunching numbers the more she seemed to find me outgoing and social. So I’m feeling quite confused about banking this opportunity.


One day I will ascend all prominent volcanoes. By prominent I might mean it in relative terms in my mind. For example, one that is prominent in this region might be my neighbouring Mt. Rainier, the active stratovolcano or on the other side of the Pacific Ocean lies another active strato; Fuji Mountain or that perfect cone, Mount Mayon. Maybe one day I’ll return (Fuji), hike back up following the sulphuric scent and not misplace my evidence of being there. I apologize, I’m going off on a tangent now. To continue this example. just as significant to me would be those random pop up volcanoes along the hot spots. There are so many, so who cares? I do. Hence, I call it prominent and I will check it out. My name is Priscilla.