Join the bet while getting fit and having fun!

Join the bet while getting fit and having fun!

With DietBet, 90% of people lose weight. Why? Because we bring people together to lose weight as a community. The conventional approach to weight loss is to focus on the individual … “calories in, calories out”. Look around: it isn’t working.


Thank goodness for my Kobo Glo!

Currently catching up on my reading…
It’s always a goal/motivation of mine to read a book a week regardless how hectic.

So far I am killing it! I just started a new job (yay) and due to lots of breaks between training I completed 4 books so far in the past week and a half.

Sarah’s Key byTatiana de Rosnay
Sutton by J.R. Moehringer
After Dark and Pinball 1973 by Haruki Murakami

Total Murakami fan here; currently reading Dance, Dance, Dance.
Thank goodness for books and beer calming my itchy nerves down from running around town.

Waterfall Restaurant

I love the concept of Villa Escudero’s Waterfall Restaurant. Sometimes I think too much, I saw this live video of the restaurant:

Then I remembered, I’m probably biased since I visited the PI during typhoon season, this is like dining in a flood, having to push the car home and forgetting what I’m trudging half my body in. But once I look past that, I want to go! Great getaway place and besides it’s in the Philippines! Why not? Seriously, everyone needs to visit Philippines at least once.