Day Twenty

I lack formal training for this position.

The interview was very enjoyable. I’m comfortable to say English is my first language. I think, speak and dream in it.

When I first walked in, everyone was speaking Chinese. I’m not sure what I  was expecting…it smelled and sounded like one of those Chinese walk-in clinics my parents used to take me as a child. As a Chinese person, most Asians( the Chinese included) will not always guess I am Chinese; That either works for or against them. Just cause I do not look Chinese enough for you does not mean I can’t comprehend the shit you’re talking about me. Anyway, doesn’t matter

I just (hopefully successfully) completed my first Chinese-English interview. Although I kept feeling disheartened when she mentioned that I seem too outgoing for the job. She kept telling me this job is boring. Two weeks ago I would have given you the vacant sales position if you applied. This job is really boring (confirmed in both Cantonese and English.) The more I tried to reassure her that I enjoy paperwork and crunching numbers the more she seemed to find me outgoing and social. So I’m feeling quite confused about banking this opportunity.


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